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Future-Ready Workplaces, Today.

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Preaching the

Gen Z Gospel, one stage at a time.

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'The Highest Human Act Is To Inspire'

Tyy is an experienced, confident & passionate speaker. He delivers a range of sessions including:

  •  CEO of My Career

  • Gen Z Leadership Lab

  • Building a Gen Z Corporate Brand

  • Digital Transformation With Gen Z


What Is Tyy's USP?

Tyy is the USP. Tyy is a motivated, intrapreneurial Gen Z leader who's value exceeds its worth when it comes to speakership. 

Tyy's energy & insights will both educate, inspire & implore his audience to take action amongst whatever topic is at hand.

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CareerPathPro Credibility

Tyy has successfully delivered talks at multiple global corporations, international brands & various educational institutions. He's delivered life-changing talks to Gen Z's, Millennials & beyond. Being the first Gen Z leader to accomplish what he has, he is trusted by many - so it only make sense for you trust him too.

Tyy is on a mission to inspire & educate a million people, to make the workplace & the world the bet place possible. Can you help him? Click the button below to help Tyy inspire others👇🏾


Here's What Others Say:

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