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Future-Ready Workplaces, Today.

We Equip You With The Tools To Tackle Gen Z

We empower you to bridge the generational gap between senior leaders & the new Gen Z workforce. We provide your leaders with strategies to engage, retain, and nurture Gen Z talent, while equipping individual employees with the guidance and support to excel in your workplace.


Our bespoke proposition creates future-ready workplaces today, by equipping organisations with our methodologies to tackle Gen Z attrition at work.

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar? 

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You struggle to hire early careers talent, just for them to leave the business within the first 2 years?

83% of Gen Z's are happy to switch jobs frequenty if they don't feel a sense of belonging in a company.


You want to be a more diverse/inclusive company, but struggle when it comes to young people

Gen Z's are not ready to do something that doesn't bring them joy, just for the sake of having a job.


You don't know how to attract & engage Gen Z employees, so they don't feel connected to your company

The average cost of turnover per employee earning £25k+ is £30k due to hiring costs, loss of productivity & more. Low employee engagement leads to high employee attrition.

Service Offering

The solution to your problem is not a magic wand.. it is a Gen Z Expert. Here's our bespoke proposition we've created to enable you to attract, engage & retain Gen Z:

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The Basic Gen Z
Engagement Package

In a landscape where Gen Z's expectations are reshaping the employment terrain, this package addresses the critical pain points hindering your organization's success. Are you grappling with high turnover rates, struggling to resonate with Gen Z values, or fearing the loss of top talent to competitors? Our Basic Package is crafted to not only alleviate these challenges but to transform them into opportunities for growth.


The Standard Gen Z
Engagement Package

This package is a strategic solution designed to navigate the evolving landscape of Gen Z workforce engagement. At CareerPathPro, we understand the unique challenges presented by Gen Z, and our Standard Package is crafted to not only address these challenges but to transform them into opportunities for growth. From an initial consultation providing in-depth insights into your organization's goals and challenges, to a comprehensive Gen Z Engagement Strategy, this package offers a roadmap for success. Join us on this transformative journey, where challenges become stepping stones to success. Elevate your workplace engagement with the Standard Gen Z Engagement Package and lead the way in creating an environment where Gen Z talent thrives.


The Premium Gen Z
Engagement Package

Ignite unparalleled success in Gen Z engagement with our Premium Gen Z Engagement Package – the epitome of strategic prowess in navigating the Gen Z landscape. Crafted for visionary organizations, this premium offering transcends conventional approaches, ensuring not just engagement but an evolution in workforce dynamics. From an Initial Consultation that delves deep into your organization's goals, to a Launch Plan Execution that ensures seamless initiative launches, our Premium Package is a symphony of tailored solutions. The Gen Z Leadership Lab empowers your leadership teams, while the Evaluation provides valuable insights for informed decision-making. Choose excellence, choose transformation – opt for the Premium Gen Z Engagement Package and lead the way in redefining workplace engagement for the next generation.





When first taking on this challenge, attrition levels were over 10% per month for Gen Z employees with less than 1 year of service.


Gen Z employees at the time were increasingly entering the business, however there was no official culture or environment for them.


Despite having a small Gen Z insights community, it only had 5 members within it & limited value to the business & Gen Z's at the time.



As a result of implementing a new Gen Z strategy, the young employees at the company felt a deeper connection & had a greater sense of belonging. This resulted in a decrease in Gen Z attrition for Gen Z employees with less than 1 year of service, executed in less than 12 months.


Engaged Gen Z employees that created transparent business insights to continue to refine business strategies.


Looking at the cost of employee turnover, the % decrease in attrition in this company saved them over half a million in hiring costs in the year, as young talent are now staying within their jobs for longer.

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