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CareerPathPro is a dynamic

Gen Z Agency. 

We are dedicated to transforming workplaces and empowering the next generation of talent.

📉 1/2 a Million Saved In Hiring Costs

📉 10% Attrition in 9 months


Future-Ready Workplaces, Today.

CareerPathPro is a dynamic Gen Z consultancy dedicated to transforming workplaces and empowering the next generation of talent. At CareerPathPro, we specialize in creating tailored solutions for businesses seeking to attract, engage, and retain Gen Z employees. Our expert team combines industry knowledge with a personalized approach - because it's never either or, always both! We offer a range of services from inclusive hiring strategies and workplace culture development to intensive workshops & speakership. We are passionate about fostering innovation, diversity, and professional growth within organizations, ensuring that both employers and Gen Z professionals thrive in today's rapidly evolving work landscape. CareerPathPro is your strategic partner for building future-ready, inclusive, and dynamic workplaces.

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Who Is Tyy?

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Hey! I'm Tyy. I founded CareerPathPro in 2023 after being in the corporate world for a few years, but seeing the disparity between Gen Z's entering the workforce & companies actually understanding them.

Being Gen Z myself, I'd simply had enough of 'not knowing' how to progress in my career so I decided to craft my own route, & become the CEO of my career.

After joining the corporate world at 19 years old, I noticed the company I worked for had a challenge retaining Gen Z employees. By age 20 I'd pitched a job role to the CEO of the company to create a solution to this; I moved into a new role as a Gen Z Advisor UK&I.


Within 9 months of this new role for myself, I grew a Gen Z community at the company from what was 9 members in 1 office, to 200 members across the UK - With a handful of members being international from Norway, America & beyond.

My deep understanding of attracting, engaging & retaining Gen Z's led me to decrease this companies Gen Z attrition (Employees with 1 year of tenure) by almost 10% within the same 9 months -  saving the company just over half a million £ in hiring costs.


Due to my work & carving out my own career path, I've since done international speaking engagements across the globe. I setup CareerPathPro to teach others how to become the CEO of their career & educate companies on how to effectively engage Gen Z in the workplace.

Tyy is committed to equip with you with the tools to tackle Gen Z. Here's how:

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